Reblocking Tanti Park

VIP Underpinning is the best company with many years of experience and expertise. We are a leading company and believe in providing quality services to our clients. Moreover, we have an expert staff which is certified and trained in each and every process related to reblocking.

Reblocking Tanti Park
Reblocking Tanti Park

Have you been noticing some changes in your floors?

Have the floors become spongy? Or have you noticed an unusual slanting of the floorboards? Because if any of the above statements is true, it’s time for reblocking your house.

Reblocking, also known as restumping, is a procedure of removing old and worn out stumps (blocks on which your house stands) and replacing them with new stumps. The new stumps can be of wood, timber, concrete or steel.

How will you know that your house needs reblocking?

There are some signs you need to look out for –

  • Doors and windows that previously moved easily but are now getting stuck.
  • Uneven floors.
  • Slanting floors.
  • Spongy floors.
  • A sudden crack (inside or outside) that continues to grow.
  • Cracks in walls/floors.
  • Waterlogging.
  • You have (recently) been hit by a natural disaster.
  • Moisture in walls or ceiling.
  • Cracks in plaster or brickwork.
  • Creaking doors.
  • Misaligned doors and/or windows.

    Spongy Floors Service in Tanti Park
    Spongy Floors Service in Tanti Park


All these signs signal towards one thing – the stumps of your house need to be changed.

Stumps, as you know, are the building blocks of your house on which the entire house stands. But sometimes for a number of reasons, they can get weak or worn out. This is actually very common in houses that are older than 25 years because with time, the stumps become old and need to be replaced.

Also, if your area has recently witnessed a natural disaster such as flood, tsunami, earthquake or the like, it might have caused some damage to the foundation of your house which will ultimately require restumping.

But these are not the only cases when you need to reblock your house.

You might not realize this but the people who built the house that you live in may have used poor quality stumps in the first place. And therefore, you will require to replace those stumps with new stumps of good quality. So now that you are noticing signs of damage, don’t wait for it to increase.

Give us a call today and allow VIP Underpinning to provide you with our 100% reliable and efficient reblocking services.

Slanting Floors Services in Melbounre
Slanting Floors Services in Melbounre

Importance of reblocking

While it may seem like an unnecessary and huge task, reblocking your house at the right time can actually save your life in a lot of cases.

We have all read about such accidents in newspapers where a family waited too long to get their house repaired and something bad happened.

But you don’t have to wait for some disaster to strike to take this decision. You can act now!

And that is why we are here. To provide you complete safety and care for your wellbeing.

Why choose COMPANY?

  • For starters, we offer completely free initial inspection.
  • Our team of technicians are highly qualified and experienced in reblocking. We care for your safety and hence we only recruit people who are genuinely experienced in this field.
  • You don’t have to pay any extra fees for booking your appointment. Both online and phone booking is free.
  • We are here 24 hours, all 7 days and offer you supportive customer care service.
  • Our prices are affordable.
  • The stumps and other equipment we use are of high quality (call us for more information on the types of stumps we use).
  • You will not be disappointed because our VIP Underpinning has been providing satisfactory services for _ years.

You can trust us completely.

Cracks in Walls Floors in Tanti Park
Cracks in Walls Floors in Tanti Park

The process of reblocking your house

Initial inspection

One of the first things we do after your appointment is fixed is to visit your place and carry out a detailed appointment.

For this we send our field workers with the necessary equipment for measurement etc. to your place at the appointed time.

They take a note of all the things necessary to start the process of reblocking, like the amount and area of damage, the type of your house, and other parameters.

Next, they compile a report of the same and take your leave (after discussing everything in detail with you).

The main process of reblocking /restumping

After the initial inspection, comes the main task of reblocking.

For this we follow a series of steps depending on the type of work needed for your house.

A general outline includes the following –

  • Taking out all the jacks and boards.
  • Lifting up of the house using updated machinery.
  • Digging holes to find the plate.
  • Removing the old stumps.
  • Pouring high quality and verified concrete over the plate.
  • Putting the house back in place once the concrete is completely dry.

We also look for further damage that might need repairing after taking out the stumps. Similarly, we make sure that the house is level before putting new stumps in place.

Restumping Service in Tanti Park
Restumping Service in Tanti Park

Final inspection

After the reblocking is complete, we check everything one last time to make sure there’s no scope for further improvement.

Cleaning up

The last step is to clean up the area and make sure you are happy with our work.

How much time does restumping take?

The amount of time depends on the amount of area we work on and the amount of damage we take care of. On average, it takes somewhere from 5-10 days to complete the entire process.

Sometimes people ignore their house for years before they finally decide to go for repairs. But you don’t need to wait.

In fact, the ideal thing to do is to check your house every few months for signs of damage and get reblocking or whatever repairing your house needs as quickly as possible.

Because at the end, your safety is in your hands.

And if you need to get restumping for your house, we will ensure your safety in each and every condition.

So call us on the phone numbers provided below or contact us through our website to book an appointment today.

VIP Underpinning will provide you 100% effective solutions and happy results.

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Location: Tanti Park, VIC, Australia

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